CGL Roofing – Gutter Liner Luton

CGL Roofing – Gutter Lining Hertfordshire
May 26, 2021
CGL Roofing – Seamless Gutters Luton
August 29, 2021

A common problem with industrial roofs is where the internal gutters are leaking. These gutters tend to come in three metre interlocking sections and therefore there are joints every three metres.

Due to thermal movement within the building and ageing, the gutter joints can open up allowing rainwater to ingress, We, therefore, install the Polypropylene gutter line system which usually is a hot air welded system or one-piece liner system which has the benefit of lining the entire length of gutter in minimal sections. This then fully encapsulates the entire internal face of the guttering thus making it watertight.

There are a number of other liners on the market which are bolted and jointed together which of course can be a weak point at the joints and can provide future problems years down the line.

The Polypropylene gutter line system makes the entire gutter fully watertight in one piece and offers a 15-year workmanship guarantee provided by CGL Roofing

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