We are THE experts at gutterlining!

Gutters start to rust and corrode if left untreated. CGL’s high quality gutterlining prevents rust, corrosion and other wear and tear.

We have come across all shapes, sizes and profiles and have great success in lining with our seamless polypropylene gutterflex membrane into existing gutters.

Our membrane is extremely hardwearing and one of the more flexible membranes out there.

More importantly It is one of the best priced gutterlining products out there.

The membrane will not break down in uv rays and can easily withstand any building movement (FACT. Our liner was still intact only a few buildings down from the bunce field explosion, couldn’t say the same for the actual steel gutter though).

The material is fully weldable, so there is no problem getting around corners and awkward detail.

We can line small cast iron gutters on listed buildings or 150-meter-long gutters on a factory.

So, if you need to give your gutters a second life and prolong its longevity then give us a call for a free quote

All our gutter liner installations come with a 15-year guarantee!

Eroded Gutter Lining
Gutter lining by CGL
Gutter lining by CGL
Gutter lining by CGL
Before CGL's servicesProfessional Gutterlining


At CGL we also specialise in flat roofs and are forever installing new flat

We only use the best materials to give you a longer lasting flat roof.

Our operatives are trained to the highest of standards and we pride ourselves on doing a good, neat job that the client is satisfied with.

We have qualified installers of the following membranes Sarnafil, FLAG and firestone.

We have achieved great success in installing single ply membrane roofs and can cover a 1m x 1m outhouse or 5,000 square metre flat roof.

Reasons to go for a single ply membrane roofs are :

  • The material goes down quicker than felt, perfect for a job on a time limit.
  • comes with longer guarantees than felt
  • is designed to hold water and will not get broken down by uv rays making an ideal choice for a long-term choice for your flat roof.
  • Gives a clean modern finish and can come in a colour of your choice (including copper effect and silver)
  • Single ply membrane comes with a 15-year guarantee or there Is an optional 20-year guarantee. We can offer budget membranes with 15-year guarantee also. For flat roofs, I wouldn’t recommend anything else other than single ply membrane or felt as we are always replacing old roofs which have either been recently coated or had the grp fibreglass installed.


Still popular despite the rise of membranes.

We install a 2 or 3 layer built up felt system offering 10 – 15 year guarantees.

Felt these days have come on leaps and bounds and have so much more fibres and plastics go into them that if they are properly installed are lasting up to 30 years.

If you are after a shed roof or 10,000 square metre roof to be replaced CGL have the experience and Men to do it.

Felting Roofing

General Roof Maintenance

At CGL Roofing we believe in prevention before cure.

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money when your roof starts leaking.

It could be a few loose fixings, blocked downpipes or a cracked tile or cracked roof sheet.

We can offer long term and budget solutions for repairs to suit all needs.

You may think because your gutters are not leaking then there is nothing to worry about.


This is how leaks start.

All the time your roof is taking a battering from weather conditions all it takes is a yearly clean of your gutters to make sure your downpipes have clear water running freely.

Doing this can add years to a life of a gutter and save you money in the long run.

We remove moss from roofs which attack tiles and roof sheets, clean roof lights, replace fixings and so on.

Just a little maintenance goes a long way.

Why not give u a call to do a report on your roof and see how we can help?

Alternative Lead Replacement

As the value of lead has risen, any type of building with lead protection in its roof, or with lead pipes, is increasingly a target for thieves.

Lead theft can happen at any time and is a rapid operation, often creating further damage to the building as a result of the roof being stripped. We offer a 24-hour call out service to deal with any theft situations and install roof protection promptly.

We offer a service to install strong, impervious, polypropylene coverings that are a cost-effective way to:

  • Substitute stolen lead if you have already suffered theft
  • Prevent theft – by layering this protection over the existing lead tiles and pipes, making them impossible to remove.
  • Deter attention from thieves as its black appearance makes it seem lead has already been removed.
  • The advantage of this solution versus others – such as painting the lead with substances to deter thieves – is that the durable, flexible polypropylene cover protects the tiles and pipes, so eliminating their wear and tear and usual maintenance costs.
  • We offer a 20-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Lead is too valuable for thieves to ignore and as it becomes scarce those buildings with accessible lead become bigger targets. Investing in preventative action is way to prevent future costs and disruption resulting from theft and damage.

new roofing

Sales of Gutterflex Liner

As well as fitting polypropylene Gutterflex we also sell the material to professionals wishing to buy quantities to complete specific jobs.

The membrane comes in any width you want in a 12metre roll or 24 metre rolls.

(Sometimes we may have odd sizes so ask at discretion if you are after a different length)

Our add on services are that we can weld up any rolls for you or can come to your site for the day to train operatives and help install the liner.

As a family run business we have kept our values, we want to grow our reputation through word of mouth and the only way by doing this is by offering a solid reliable service. We won’t take payment until you are satisfied.

CGL Roofing prides ourselves on offering a high quality job at a competitive price and we can offer solutions for roofs on different spectrums of budget to help keep you watertight.

We are fully compliant in health and safety and can offer risk assessments and method statements so you know there will be no risk to us, you or the public.

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